Supporting Veterans into New Businesses



IncubatERS is an ERS initiative, run by former Defence personnel to assist the transition of veterans into their own business. We can help in a variety of different ways. From advice and the development of business plans as well as providing sales and marketing support. We can also assign business coaches & mentors and can even run your back office for you. Importantly, we can also facilitate introductions into our trusted network and even  provide financial assistance. Ultimately you make the final decision on what you might need in establishing your new business.

The Criteria 

IncubatERS supports Defence members in transition from full-time military service into their own business. We welcome applications from ADF personnel who have submitted their discharge right up to those who have been out of the military for up to 18 months.

We want every veteran to be successful and not to re-learn the mistakes that we have all made 

The Process 

Some jokingly describe this as a SharkTank. But in reality our approach is as advisor, coach and mentor. You will be talking ex ADF personnel who have a wealth of business knowledge in running AUD100m(+) companies and award winning businesses. We also have “civilians” on our Advisory Board, which enables you a broader perspective and independent advice.


After submitting the application document, we schedule a one-on-one meeting with a facilitator where we seek to understand your circumstances and what you are hoping to achieve.  You will then meet with the most relevant advisors to your business in order to discuss options. We can also assign a coach or mentor to support and advise you. And, if you need an office, we can even provide that too!


The important thing is that you decide what you might want or need from the program.

There is no business idea too big or too small 


What is the cost?

There is no cost to apply! After listening to you, we will offer you a range of options to consider and advise you on the merits of each option.


What if I only want to be a sole trader? Can I still apply?

Yes! There is no business that we consider too small. 


Will ERS be my business partner, or a shareholder, or provide financial support?

It could be an option that could be available to you; if that’s what you need. We can be an investor. But it will be up to you!  After all, it’s your business!


I’m in a rush to get going, how long will it take?

Fill in an application form and find out!


What’s the catch?

We like to think none! You can walk out and ignore everything we’ve said if you like. But at least you will have had a decent coffee!