Resume Writing Tips for Ex Defence Personnel

Finding the right balance when putting together your resume can be frustrating to say the least. Add to the mixture that you have been working in the Australian Defence Force just adds to the complexity. So in order for employers to understand your skill set, we listed some tips that will make it easier for civilian employers to understand your level of expertise.

  1. Make sure your name, address, mobile and email address are included on the first page of your resume and ensure they are updated, you would be surprised to know that candidates still forget to add their personal details on their resume.

  2. Summary: Provide a short summary of your skills ensuring that you mention administration, trades, technical skills you have learned over the years.

  3. Qualifications, Licences, Software should also be listed.

  4. Start your employment history with your most recent role and work your way backwards.

Your resume should present the information a hiring manager needs to know, in a logical order, with a clean and attractive layout. It is also important to ensure that no typos, inconsistent spacing or any other flaws appear on your resume, so attention to detail is vital.

Tailoring your resume to the job is very important, this does not mean that you need to start from scratch, but rather, take your master resume and edit it slightly for every job you apply. Tailor your summary to include the skills they are looking for and list the qualifications that are relevant to the job, for example for a job in the mining industry, you might emphasize working in remote areas, working away, and your ability to quickly become part of a team.

For more tips visit our website or call 1300 ADF RECRUIT

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